Mark A. Sinclair
General Manager, Airline Catering – Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd
Mark A. Sinclair, At a Glance

Mark A. Sinclair is currently General Manager of Airline Catering for Virgin Australia Airlines. He has served in his position for one year. He holds extensive senior executive experience, primarily in airline engineering and as a civil aviation regulator. Mr. Sinclair also possesses senior executive experience in all facets of airline management, chiefly in flight catering and complex supply chain management. In his current position, he manages overall catering and supply chain for all the airlines, including Virgin Australia, Virgin New Zealand and Virgin International. He manages profits and losses, as well as all financials, and a team of 25.

Mr. Sinclair is one of the original individuals who helped build and develop Virgin Blue Airlines, which was later changed to Virgin Australia Airlines. He held senior posts in airlines in Australia and he was one of Post Holders at Virgin and Hazelton Airlines. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from RMIT and a diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an organization with which he maintains affiliation as a member. He attributes his success to being able to clearly see the direction of where the company needs to be and bringing a team of people together to get there. In his spare time, Mr. Sinclair enjoys paragliding.

Mark A. Sinclair
GM Airline Catering
Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd
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